Trumps Needed Apologies, Number – I’ve lost count!

The Donald’s most recent foray into the dark recesses of his self-indulgent mind involves a locker room discussion that betrays his ego’s never-ending assumption that he is above everything.  Many men indulge in pretty grotesque discussions at some points in their lives.  Most don’t move on to assume that they can do or say anything they want if they are rich and famous.  Well, Bill Cosby may have; and a few presidents and actors.  But as a country we expect better behavior in our leaders and generally are pretty offended when it appears.  Most learn to keep a lid on it – at least where there might be hot mics and in public.  Most learn the discipline of focusing on their jobs, their families, their communities.

This event exposes Mr. Trump’s egocentricity and narcissism better than most earlier ones.  It is a specific statement that “I can have what I want when I want it because I am who I am.”  Henry the 8th thought the same way along with all the other divine right kings.  The fact that it applied to women is not limiting.  That is, I’m sure he has expected to get a good grope of politicians because he donated to their campaigns.  He has said as much.

The fact that it did apply to women is consistent with his entire history.  It seems to indicate that Mr. Trump’s appreciation of women is skin deep.  While he has several woman on his campaign team, it could be argued they were chosen first for their looks and then for their ability to defend his positions and speak articulately.

He issued an apology to “anyone who was offended”.  I’m curious about the people he thinks might not be offended.  Many of them will be men with daughters and wives and mothers and aunts and woman friends.   The rest will be women.   It is hard to find anyone who has no relationship to a woman.

His apology should be something along the following lines.
“I apologize for being a boorish and misogynistic dick-head.  There is nothing I can do about it at my age.”  I think he might add “So screw you and send in the girls, but only the tens.”

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