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The Democrats’ Huge Responsibility

Democratic primary voters have the most important nominating decision in perhaps a century and a half. They need to get it right. Here’s why. Continue reading

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A Theory of Everything Trump

Pundits often attempt to explain the president’s actions and motivations.  I catalogued many Trump actions, tweets and comments in a framework based on my characterization of him.  Almost everything he does can be explained if viewed through this framework.  Simply, … Continue reading


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Real News

The Russian story is interesting. But it is not the only interesting and important story. Continue reading

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Resistance is not enough

Let’s get this clear before I go on.  I am no fan of Donald Trump.  I believe he is a 12-year-old, thin-skinned bully – a very talented and clever bully it must be said – in the body of a … Continue reading

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US Steps Back

International agreements are enormously complex.  They cannot be explained in sound bites so no one understands them completely except the negotiators and the handful of speed-readers who are dedicated enough to read through them.  Both political parties can find some … Continue reading

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Why Not Trump?

Why not Trump for president?  He has expressed some good ideas.  For example, he has indicated the value of his being “self funded” to avoid being beholden to special interests. He is for improving the US infrastructure, repairing our tax … Continue reading

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Trump’s Needed Apologies – 4 in an unending series

Donald Trump is redefining America as a third world country in which the press is a tool of the government, political opponents are threatened with jail, truth is an unnecessary luxury, elections are stolen by the elites and only the … Continue reading

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Trumps Needed Apologies, Number – I’ve lost count!

The Donald’s most recent foray into the dark recesses of his self-indulgent mind involves a locker room discussion that betrays his ego’s never-ending assumption that he is above everything.  Many men indulge in pretty grotesque discussions at some points in … Continue reading

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Trump’s (Needed) Apologies – part 2 of ?

A while ago I thought it would be fun to keep track of the apologies Donald Trump owes the country.  I wrote one on his assertion that Judge Curiel could not rule on his Trump University case since the judge … Continue reading

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Trump’s Needed Apologies – Part one of who knows?

John Kasich has demanded that Donald Trump apologize for stating that Judge Curiel is incapable of exercising proper legal judgement.  That is only the first unicorn in the parade around Trump Tower.  Just on this issue, he owes apologies to the judge, … Continue reading

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